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01 November 2006

At this year’s Intel Developers’ Forum, signal integrity device company Quellan ( demonstrated Q:Active Semiconductor Technology which enables second generation PCI Express cables to run at data rates of 5Gbit/sec over 25 metres of standard 24 AWG, shielded, twin-ax cabling.

The small, low-power, analogue semiconductors were inserted inside Molex’s ( iPass interconnect system to create intelligent cabling systems. In a 16- wide configuration, this arrangement yields 80Gbit/sec of ultra-low-cost bandwidth, claims the company, meaning that data centres can use smaller equipment footprint to garner the same compute density, lowering capital and operating expenditures as well as cable weight and size reductions.

Also in San Francisco, fables semiconductor company, Artimi ( delivered the first public demonstration of its RTMI-150 WiMedia Wireless USB media access controller (MAC). The SoC works with certified WiMedia physical layer (PHY) solutions. The company has completed interoperability testing with Intel’s Peripheral Develoment Kit, based on the Certified Wireless USB specification, using its emulated PHY and third party WiMedia PHYs. As a sign of the maturity and adaptability of the MAC, the demonstration in San Francisco last month transferred bulk data and performed synchronisation between end user devices and a PC server. (

The low power consumption enables its use in digital still cameras, camcorders, MP3 players and mobile phones. It supports high data transfer rates, up to 480Mbit/sec, which is scalable upwards as WiMedia standards evolve, according to the company. Operation is in both low (i.e. 3GHz to 5GHz) and the high (i.e. 6GHz to 9GHz) band frequencies, so it can be used in certified Wireless USB and nextgeneration, high-speed Bluetooth over UWB devices around the world.

The Californian company headquarters its research and development in Cambridge and has a sales office in Taipei. It supplies radio, baseband, MAC, I/O and software for data transfer, synchronisation and streaming of media and other high-speed Certified Wireless USB applications.

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