Calibrator meets RF test suite

01 December 2006

Claimed to be the first RF calibrator to combine precision dynamic range and frequency capability in a single instrument, the Fluke 9640A RF Reference Source can calibrate RF test equipment such as spectrum analysers, modulation meters and analysers, RF power meters and sensors, measurement receivers, frequency counters and attenuators (

The instrument has integral signal levelling and attenuation and can replace RF calibration devices such as level generators, RF signal generators, power meters and sensors, step attenuators and function generators. The signal levelling head, which is available in 50Ù and 75Ù versions, delivers signal directly to the unit under test to maintain signal precision and noise immunity through the 24 to -130dBm dynamic range to minimise losses, noise and mismatch errors and maintain the calibrated integrity of the signal.

Frequency coverage is from 10kHz to 4GHz, with a maximum accuracy level of +/- 0/05dB. Difference between the wide and narrow bands and peak/RMS sensors can be eliminated without having to use
additional, external filters via the pure sinusoidal signal output, which has low harmonic and spurious content.

The company has maintained its functional layout of access, with a colour display, function keys, context-sensitive soft keys and a dial. To automate the calibration process, the company’s MET/CAL Plus Calibration Measurement Software is included.

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