High performance memories added to linecard

04 July 2016

Solid State Supplies has secured a UK distribution deal with memory producer GSI Technology.

Going beyond just stocking components, this partnership will be backed up with Solid State Supplies comprehensive technical support plus in-depth application expertise that covers a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Targeted specifically at challenging applications scenarios, where high transaction rates and long term operational reliability are required, GSI’s memory ICs have an array of attributes that standard commodity products simply cannot offer. As a result, these devices bring real value to cutting-edge electronic designs - providing engineers with industry-leading densities and clock access speeds, as well as exhibiting low latency levels and drawing minimal power. They are optimised for accompanying FPGAs, network processors and ASICs, delivering the bandwidth needed to support enhanced system performance.

GSI's latest generations of SigmaQuad and SigmaDDR SRAMs have memory capacities reaching up to 288Mb and can support 1333MHz operation. These devices are highly suited to applications that must frequently alternate between read and write modes. In addition, there are the company’s Low Latency DRAM (LLDRAM) products, which have been developed to attend to the requirements of modern data networking systems and are able to maintain close to 100% bus utilization. They have memory capacities up to 1.25GB and 800MHz clock speeds. The low random cycle time, 8-bank memory array architecture employed and double data rate (DDR) transfers give them performance characteristics that conventional DRAMs cannot match, while their intuitive SRAM-like address interfaces greatly facilitate device use.

GSI’s memories have already been widely implemented into industrial test/inspection equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, broadcast picture manipulation hardware, aircraft/vehicle heads up displays, medical imaging, radar, high performance computing, jet engine vibration monitoring and missile guidance systems. In order to deal with uncompromising applications, Solid State Supplies will be able to offer GSI products that are 100% tested to extended or military temperature ranges when this is called for.

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