Internet of Things network planned for Gothenburg, Sweden

29 June 2016

Semtech announced LoRa Wireless RF Technology will be featured in a new IoT network that will be deployed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Tele2 and TalkPool AB.

The Tele2 network, based on the LoRa Alliance open LoRaWAN specification, will include the building blocks necessary for customers and partners to test, use and develop their own IoT solutions quickly, including sensors and base stations embedded with Semtech LoRa wireless chipsets, as well as the applications for managing the sensors, processing the data, and managing the connectivity of each device connected to the network. Initial applications targeted for the network include smart city, public transportation, smart metering, environmental monitoring, pest control and asset tracking.

Robert Spertina, Head of IoT & Managing Director at TalkPool, said that in collaboration with Tele2, TalkPool chose a LoRa-based IoT technology because it offered a combination of long range wireless connectivity, low energy consumption, low cost and telecom grade security, which are all very important considerations when you plan to roll out a network to a large metropolitan area. In addition, the network substantially reduces infrastructure and end node costs by eliminating repeaters and increasing battery lifetime which means sensors can last for years without needing their batteries replaced.

Rami Avidan, IoT Managing Director at Tele2, added that Tele2 is convinced that its customers will need a wide range of new technologies in the IoT field and Tele2 wants to give them the opportunity to use as many of these new technologies as possible in ways that are both simple and flexible. The launch of the new LoRaWAN-based network will be a great step in that direction, providing new and existing customers with an excellent platform to launch their own innovative IoT applications.

The Tele2 network is expected to go live in the third quarter of 2016.

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