Europe driving smart mobility technology

19 April 2016

European traffic ministers signed the declaration of Amsterdam with the aim of harmonising standards in the EU, driving Smart mobility technology.

Implementing standards for smart mobility is a big step, and the technology for vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is ready and has been proven in a variety of field trials, the latest one being the Truck Platooning Challenge in Europe this month, where six truck manufacturers showcased automated driving with trucks on public roads all across Europe. 

With the U.S. about to take a bold step in this direction as they announced their plans for making V2X mandatory for new vehicles in the US from 2019 onwards, it’s exciting that Europe is following. However, if Europe could combine forces to make such a step, our roads could look much different in the future – safer, greener, and without traffic jams. 

Maurice Geraets, Board member at NXP, said harmonising the standards for smart mobility is an important step. This show of support by European governments of new technologies, such as Vehicle-to-X technology and other safety and mobility systems, will encourage the industry to invest and accelerate its introduction. Standardising is a key aspect in platooning – a technology that improves road safety, fleet efficiency, traffic flow and CO2 results. 

However, if all European countries define different standards on the minimum distances between trucks, the safety improvement will stop at the country borders. Vehicle-to-X is a great example, as it allows cars to communicate with each other across distances of up to two kilometres, exchanging hazard warnings among each other and with the intelligent traffic infrastructure around, with the potential to save several thousand lives in Europe. 

NXP is a key driver of such initiatives. It has proven in more than a million kilometres of test driving that the technology works reliably in real world environments and has partnerships on intelligent traffic systems or Vehicle-to-X technology with leading companies such as Siemens, Harman, Delphi, and Cohda Wireless. First production cars will be on the road this year with NXP in Delphi V2X platforms for General Motors in the U.S. NXP is happy with the corporation between governments and industry and sees clear signs of market pick-up.

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