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01 July 2016

The team at EPDT is delighted to announce that the 2016 e-Legacy awards will return to its roots in the Roof Gardens in Kensington.

This year we will also focus entirely on the contribution that the electronics has made to the environment and society.

The Roof Gardens is one of London’s most impressive and prestigious venues. Situated in the heart of Kensington, the Roof Gardens venue is 100ft above London’s streets, comprising three gardens spanning across 1.5 acres. The awards lunch is scheduled to take place on the 22nd September this year.

e-Legacy will feature 7 categories this year, that have been chosen to represent a different area of the electronics industry. Tying them together will be the main e-Legacy theme of helping to create a cleaner, greener world that will benefit humanity.

For the first time, this year we will add an Internet of Things (IoT) award as recognition of how this revolutionary technology has the potential to enhance all aspects of electronics industry and add to the green philosophy mentioned above. We also will bring back the manufacturing category to acknowledge how the trends of onshoring, automation and additive manufacturing are contributing to the return of sustainable electronics UK manufacturing.

Entries are open from now until the 1st July 2016

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Categories this year are:

  • Education

  • Medical

  • Energy

  • Sustainability

  • IoT - sponsored by RS Components

  • Manufacturing

  • The e-Legacy 2016 ‘Overall Winners’ Live Award - sponsored by Pinnacle Marketing Communications


The “Education Award” will reward investment in education and training by electronics companies. With an ongoing STEM pupil shortage and a forecast that the UK will require one million new engineers in the next five years, it is critical to get more people into the engineering sector, whether through schools and universities or retraining. This award will recognise the companies that encourage an interest in technology as well as those that organise internal or external training schemes.


The “Medical Award” is designed to recognise companies that use technology for the easier diagnosis or treatment of patients. This includes those companies that design products that promote advances in the field of telemedicine and other methods of remote monitoring and diagnostics that reduce hospital stays and ease the pressure on doctor’s surgeries. Also included in the scope of the award is technologies designed for the prevention of illness and the promotion of health.


The “Energy Award” identifies the considerable advances that have been made to generate and deliver power as well as create devices that use that power as efficiently as possibly. Every electronic system needs power to operate, and the scope of this award is incredibly broad and can range from creating components that make renewable energy sources more viable, to making the power grid more efficient, to reducing energy use in products.


The “Sustainability Award” will reward company programmes that encourage the sustainability of manufacturing and raw materials use. Products that use a high degree of recycled materials are eligible, as are products that themselves are recyclable, or use plentiful materials that have minimal environmental impact in their extraction and processing. Products with inherent longevity or a clear upgrade path to ensure long-life-cycles are also eligible, as are environmentally sound packaging/delivery materials and options.

IoT - sponsored by RS Components

The “IoT award” appears for the first time in e-Legacy. IoT is expected to change the way we do everything. Every other award category described here will be enhanced by the IoT’s ability to give an unprecedented level of visibility and control over any system. The miniaturisation of sensors, cheap computing power, readily available networking and integration between IT and real-world systems will change the way we live and work. Any device, service, or technique that facilitates the adoption of the IoT is eligible for entry to this award.


The “Manufacturing Award” is making a comeback to e-Legacy, just as manufacturing is starting to make a comeback to the UK. Low volume, high value products have always remained in the UK, but the rise of technologies like automation, IoT and additive manufacturing has allowed UK manufacturers to onshore many more applications. We are looking for any company that’s invested in new technologies, brought work back to the UK, or have led innovation in manufacturing.  

Overall Winners Live Award - sponsored by Pinnacle Marketing Communications

The “Overall Winners Live Award” will be chosen from the entire pool of nominations. For a change this year, the 2016 Overall Winner will be chosen by those attending lunch or keeping up to date on Twitter.

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