Bluetooth smart SoC optimised for the always-on world

12 January 2016

Qualcomm Technologies launched a Bluetooth Smart 4.2 System-on-Chip family specifically designed to help engineers meet the needs of an “always-on” world.

The CSR102x family is optimised for specific applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), including wireless remote controls, simple smart watches, home automation solutions and beacons, where balancing performance, battery life and cost is critical.

Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager, Qualcomm Technologies International, said consumers expect enhanced functionality from their products with constant connectivity and infrequent recharging – a challenging task for product developers. They continuously look to address key customer and developer challenges - like constant connectivity, enhanced functionality, and even-lower battery consumption - with deeply integrated custom platforms like the CSR102x family. The CSR102x family balances high performance, low power consumption and minimal solution size for cost and space optimised products.

Balancing power, features and cost, optimised for specific use cases and target applications, the new CSR102x family of SoCs brings extensive and flexible I/O capabilities designed to simplify integration and eliminate expensive interface components. A comprehensive software development kit enables developers to get ahead with example applications such as Bluetooth Smart profiles and smartphone apps, all in source code. A secure, over-the-air update capability enables flash-based product family members to be reliably updated while in service. Additional features have been added to address target use cases, including high quality voice command capabilities with ultra-low power, for remote controls with always-on voice and CSRmesh support for home automation manufacturers looking to create whole home systems. 

Anthony Murray also explains that Bluetooth Smart meets a broad range of product types but designers really want optimised solutions for particular applications to create the best user experience. By providing platforms for specific use cases it takes away the need for developers to make compromises.

The CSR102x family is sampling now and Qualcomm Technologies anticipates bringing a comprehensive development kit for high volume customers in Q2 of 2016. The entry level kit, comprising of a programmer base board and pluggable CSR102x SoC module is expected to retail for £68.33. Extension kits for specific use cases, including remote controls, home automation and sports watch applications, is expected to retail for an additional £33.82. 

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