Tips on maximising PXI/AXIe test instruments

05 January 2016

Keysight launches a DVD of its latest tips, techniques, myth busters, application notes and videos. 

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Tip 1: Reuse your chassis.
Select a PXI chassis with a large number of hybrid slots to support both PXI-1 hybrid and PXIe-style modules. PXIe provides improved throughput, point-to-point messaging, triggering and synchronisation.

Tip 2: Write code once, use it multiple times.
Share comparable measurement methods, algorithms and results with others in your organisation using benchtop and PXI test instruments through common application measurement software. This guarantees consistent, reliable test-result validation - from R&D to manufacturing.

Tip 3: Make measurements you can stand behind.
Test equipment drifts over time and needs periodic performance verification and adjustments to continue to meet warranted specifications. The actual instrument accuracy you depend on is only as good as the measurement uncertainty of your test equipment's last calibration. To avoid false pass/fail of your products, select test equipment that provides periodic calibration options with measurement uncertainties towards warranted specifications.

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