A growing portfolio of PXI and AXIe solutions

15 December 2015

Keysight announces several new PXI and AXIe test solutions in the wireless, aerospace & defence and automotive markets. 

The main features of Keysight’s new products revolve around accelerating the time to first measurement, shortening test system development time and driving faster development with application specific reference solutions. The new products contain a combination of hardware and software to enable quick evaluation of the test solutions performance and capability as well as reduce the time it takes to integrate a new system into a test environment. 


The wireless sector sees several new releases from Keysight, targeting manufacturing test of power amplifiers, front end modules and IoT devices as well as mmWave test for 5G. 

Recently introduced, the M9420A VXT PXIe vector transceiver is able to achieve faster test throughput, create test solutions rapidly with ready to run software and open source solutions and leverage FPGA accelerated measurements for a faster end result. The M9420A compresses time and test to aid in the growth of connected devices that need faster and easier design. 

Also recently introduced was the M9485A PXIe multiport vector network analyser (VNA), with fast measurement speed and a wide dynamic range to help drive down the cost of test for wireless component manufacturers. Similarly, the M937xA series of VNAs are now available with full 2-port S-parameter measurements in a single slot PXI with a choice of six frequency ranges up to 26.5GHz for faster measurement speed.

Several of the new products address 5G test applications, with new programmable step attenuator modules and solid state switches. Particularly the 5G waveform generation & analysis testbed solution which has been released to provide flexibility for 5G research. The system can evaluate proposed waveforms and transition between ‘what if’ situations and actual testing of hardware prototypes. 

Aerospace & defence:

New test solutions have also been introduced for the aerospace & defence market, targeting satellite test, physics solutions and research development for new physical layer standards.

To help address coherent optical and electrical communication applications, Keysight launched one of the industry’s fastest arbitrary waveform generators. The M8196A is ideal for physics, chemistry and electronics research with its ability to generate mathematically defined waveforms and precise pulses. 

Targeting satellite test applications, the new M9393A PXIe performance vector signal analyser (VSA) is one of the only 50GHz PXIe VSAs and has continuous frequency sweeps from 3.6 to 50GHz, fast spur search and extensible modular architecture. 

For advanced experiments in multichannel applications, Keysight introduced the M9709A AXIe 32 channel, 8-bit, high speed digitiser. This product has on-board real time processing capability and offers a wide choice of chassis, controllers and interfaces to cover all customers’ needs and simplify the creation of very dense data acquisition systems.


Keysight’s new test solutions for the automotive market centre on body and safety electronic control unit (ECU) functional verification and test. Keysight’s reference solution for automotive electronics is a ready solution with pre-identified input stimulus and measurement capabilities for body and safety electronics. This solution addresses the need for a ready, standardised test solution that accelerates test development time, improving time to market. 

Recently released, the M9217A single slot, 2 channel, isolated digitiser was designed specifically for challenging mechatronic measurements. The digitiser has a high input voltage of up to ±256V with precise measurements and high data memory that ensures capturing all pulse width and timing measurements with 20MSa/s sampling rate.

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