Making IoT accessible through Creator development kit

24 November 2015

Imagination Technologies introduces a new development kit that has been designed from the ground-up for IoT applications. 

It is called Creator Ci40 and includes all the optimised hardware and open source software required for next-generation connected projects.

Creator Ci40 is a modular system that is easy to assemble and even easier to code. Developers can use it to prototype the hardware needed for an IoT application in five easy steps.

Imagination are launching Creator Ci40 through a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £20,000. Pricing for the kit is set at £80, with a £10 discount for the first 200 backers. 

The new Creator comes in a compact box with everything needed to build the next wireless IoT application including: 

• Hardware 

o A high-performance, low-power microcomputer acting as an IoT hub and featuring a new MIPS-based chip optimised for IoT applications; the microcomputer can run a number of Linux-based operating system, including OpenWrt, Debian as well as Brillo from Google.
o Two battery-powered 6LoWPAN Clicker expansion boards  with a mikroBUS socket for adding sensors.
o Three Click companion boards – a temperature sensor, a motion sensor and a relay switch (with hundreds more available from MikroElektronika).

• Software 

o FlowCloud: a complete cloud platform for connecting devices to the internet, enabling easy product registration and updates as well as access to partner-enabled services.
o Open source software frameworks, network stacks and cloud connectivity.
You can also download a digital copy of all the images and animations included on the Kickstarter page as well as the launch presentation from this link.

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