A new Creator dev board for IoT is coming

20 October 2015

Imagination Technologies announces that it’s working on a new member of the Creator family, accompanying its existing Creator Ci20 microcomputer.

This new development board is to be called Creator Ci40, is designed for IoT applications and features an innovative MIPS-based chip. 

The chip at the heart of the new Creator Ci40 dev board is a new design optimised specifically for IoT use cases; it has been manufactured by GLOBALFOUNDRIES on a 40nm low power process node. Whereas other boards for IoT tend to reuse chips made for mobile or networking devices, they have created a custom IoT subsystem that has been tuned for a wide range of IoT requirements and connectivity standards. For example, the chip has built-in wireless capabilities, supporting both hi-speed Wi-Fi (802.11 ac 2x2) but also low energy Bluetooth (aka Bluetooth Smart). 

The chip uniquely features a dual-core MIPS interAptiv CPU; each interAptiv CPU implements hardware multithreading optimised for maximum efficiency and low power consumption.
Hardware multithreading is a big advantage of MIPS over ARM and other mobile CPU architectures and has also been used by Mobileye in their new EyeQ4 SoC which delivers 2.5 TFLOPS of performance at 3W. The new Tesla autopilot functionality runs on a MIPS-based Mobileye chip.

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