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        EMC & Compliance International 2024

        The latest edition of the EMC & Compliance International conference and exhibition will be opening its doors soon. Dealing with the many facets of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), this 2-day event will provide a unique opportunity to discuss new ideas, emerging standards and policy/strategic advances, as well as learning about the latest technological innovations, in terms of testing, shielding, filtering, etc.

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        Small Size Format Sensor Device for CO2 Monitoring

        Positioned at appealing unit pricing, Sensirion’s STCC4 CO2 sensor is intended for indoor air quality monitoring applications.

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        Power Efficient NVM Devices

        To bolster its non-volatile memory (NVM) product portfolio, Mouser Electronics has just signed up Macronix as a new supplier.

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        Ensuring Data Storage Integrity & Preventing Potential Losses

        Tuxera’s Persistence Manager is an add-on to its exFAT file system. It enables augmented data resilience on Android and Linux-based embedded systems needing to carry out continuous video recording - such as drones, industrial imaging equipment, data loggers, vehicle dashcams, etc.

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        Sophisticated AI Traffic Emulation Solution

        A test solution for emulating the data traffic generated by artificial intelligence (AI) workloads passing over Ethernet has been unveiled by Spirent.

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        Samsung & Qualcomm Enable Major Acceleration of Downlink

        Through the joint efforts of their technical staff, Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm have been successful in attaining unprecedented performance in 1024 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) tests with regard to both frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD) spectrum bands.

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        IP67-Rated RJ45 Interconnects

        Aimed at use in challenging application settings, the SealJack RJ45 IEC 60529-compliant modular plugs and jacks from Stewart Connector are now available via Heilind Electronics.

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        Compact Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Modules

        Aimed at IoT nodes requiring Bluetooth LE/Wi-Fi functionality, the new ISP5261 Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) system-in-package (SiP) communication modules from Insight SiP fit into a 12mm x 12mm x 1.8mm form factor.

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        A Medtech Challenge - Phase Out or Redesign Devices

        Worth approximately £26 billion (according to the International Trade Administration), the UK medtech industry is a profitable one for those involved, which tend to largely be SMEs scattered around the country.

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        Element Joins 5GAA

        So as to support further progression in connected mobility, Element Materials Technology has just become a member of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) - a highly respected international cross-industry organisation which brings together stakeholders from the automobile and communications sectors.

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Pragmatic Sets Out its Large-Scale Fab Aspirations

EPDT's Mike Green travels up to Durham for the opening of the UK's first 300mm fab. He speaks with Pragmatic's Catherine Ramsdale (SVP of Technology), Shane Geary (SVP of Manufacturing & Operations) and Simon Kirk (Senior Product Manager) about the company's FlexIC technology and the item level intelligence this will enable.

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