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      Forget wearable tech: electronic medtech devices are going invisible (06/11/2018)

      As disposable as the fashion for wearables may sometimes seem, it’s actually part and parcel of the way that the IoT is using connected devices and sensors to create medical products that can truly change lives. But, as this piece explains, these devices go well beyond being wearable – they’re now becoming invisible...

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      How automation is transforming medical manufacturing (02/11/2018)

      OEMs that service the healthcare and medical sector are feeling the squeeze as new technologies introduce as many new challenges as they provide opportunities and solutions. This piece considers the role of automation in manufacturing and how it is answering old problems as it creates a fresh set of challenges – particularly for those researching, developing and producing medical devices and products.

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      Trump’s tariffs will come back to haunt him (21/09/2018)

      As the trade war between the USA and China ramps up, with President Trump continuing to impose tariffs on imported products from China, the EU and others, businesses across all industries are naturally starting to feel nervous about the implications of such a move.

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      5 steps to more efficient EMS sourcing (12/09/2018)

      Developing efficient sourcing processes in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is of crucial importance in order to find quality components at economical prices and with low lead times. As this piece highlights, these sourcing processes can be broken down into five key steps...

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      Chemigraphic see market introduction of Elekta Unity, a ground-breaking cancer treatment technology (17/08/2018)

      Following the success of breakthrough cancer treatment technology, Elekta Unity, the manufacturing division of EMS provider Chemigraphic comment on the successful project going to market – for both UK and EU hospitals today.