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Article archive for Electronic Product Design & Test;

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      EPDT's January issue now available (02/01/2018)

      Our latest issue covers software technologies and aerospace and defence applications, including how sustained investment from the latter sector drives breakthrough technological discovery and innovation (EPDT's cover feature).

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      EPDT's December issue now available (05/12/2017)

      This month’s issue contains stories on sensing technologies and industrial applications, as well as our regular Electronics Distribution supplement. Our cover feature explores how artificial audio intelligence technology is enabling smart home (and beyond!) applications.

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      EPDT's November issue now available (01/11/2017)

      This month's issue contains stories on electromechanical technologies and medical applications, especially wearable patient care technology, as well as our regular Electronics Outsourcing supplement.

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      Obituary: Patrick Flynn, electronics industry publishing giant (17/10/2017)

      It is with a heavy heart that we at EPDT report the passing of industry giant, Patrick Flynn, on Sunday 15th October. Peter Jago, Founder and owner of IML Group, offers his sincere condolences and honours Mr Flynn's memory.

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      Happy #AdaLovelaceDay from EPDT – women in engineering (11/10/2017)

      Yesterday (Tuesday 10th October) was Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

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      EPDT’s October issue now available (25/09/2017)

      EPDT’s October issue is now available, with a strong focus on communications technologies and automotive applications – our cover story discusses the security implications of connected cars.

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      STEM Matters: from little acorns... (13/09/2017)

      Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. I’m often reminded of this proverb when I think about STEM education and inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists...

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      What a time to be alive! (12/09/2017)

      Welcome to your October 2017 issue of EPDT. Since taking the reins as editor of EPDT, I’ve used some of my editorial comments (and regular STEM columns) to discuss the many challenges facing UK – and indeed, global – engineering.

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      EPDT's September issue now available (29/08/2017)

      EPDT’s September issue is now available, featuring the embedded topics of machine vision and graphical user interfaces; as well as lighting pieces on the powering and protecting of LEDs and UVC LED disinfection.

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      Congrats to Cardiff Racing: first-ever UK winners of Formula Student (18/08/2017)

      Formula Student (FS) is a student engineering competition held annually in the UK – and Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition. Run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), and based on the original Formula SAE event, it challenges university student teams from around the world to design, prototype, build, test and race a small-scale, single seat formula-style racing car for autocross or sprint racing.

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      School’s out, STEM’s in (17/08/2017)

      Those of you who follow my regular STEM column in EPDT's magazine will know how important raising the profile of STEM education and careers is to me personally – and I’m sure, to many of you too. In most of the developed world, we are facing a looming STEM crisis, as the number of engineers and scientists industry and society needs increases – but the skills gap continues to widen, as the current cohort ages out, while take-up of STEM education and careers has continued to stall.

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      EPDT's August issue now available (02/08/2017)

      EPDT’s August issue is now available, featuring flexible e-paper displays, along with a piece on Raspberry Pi and our latest Electronics Distribution supplement.

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      EPDT's July issue now available (27/06/2017)

      EPDT’s July issue is now available, featuring the role of DevOps in electronic design, along with a focus on analogue and our latest Electronics Outsourcing supplement.

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      EPDT's June issue now available (30/05/2017)

      EPDT’s June issue is now available, featuring intelligent power architecture in modern armoured vehicles such as the Challenger tank, as well as pieces on Enclosures and Military and Aerospace.

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      We want to hear from you on EPDT! (16/05/2017)

      If you have feedback on for us on previous issues, get in touch and let us know – or if there are topics you’d like to see us cover in future issues!

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      EPDT's May issue now available (10/05/2017)

      EPDT’s May issue is now available, featuring the Bloodhound land speed record attempt project, as well as a PXI for Manufacturing Test Supplement.

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      Welcome to e-Legacy 2016 (01/07/2016)

      The team at EPDT is delighted to announce that the 2016 e-Legacy awards will return to its roots in the Roof Gardens in Kensington.

    • e-Legacy awards 2011 - get your tickets! (23/08/2011)

      Now that voting has closed it's time to secure your place at the e-Legacy Awards 2011. Get your tickets by contacting Keith Murray on 01732 359 990 or: Read more...

    • E-Legacy awards 2011 - it's time to vote! (26/07/2011)

      Now that the entries have been collected and the judges have decided upon their finalists for each category, it’s time for you to vote! Read more...

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      Make your vote count! (22/06/2010)

      Voting has started for the 2010 e-Legacy awards. Finalists have been selected from an excellent batch of entries - now its over to you! Read more...