ESRP EMI test receiver speeds precompliance measurements

19 February 2013

Rohde & Schwarz designed the new R&S ESRP for diagnostic and precompliance measurements in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 7 GHz.

The R&S ESRP is not only an extremely fast EMI test receiver with standard-compliant bandwidths and detectors but a full-featured spectrum analyser as well.   
The R&S ESRP offers two methods for measuring disturbance signals: the fast, FFT-based time domain scan and the traditional – but slower – stepped frequency scan. Both methods comply with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard for EMC measurements. In the time domain scan mode, the R&S ESRP measures conducted disturbances in the CISPR band B with quasi-peak weighting faster, by many orders of magnitude, than conventional EMI test receivers using the traditional method.   

The R&S ESRP allows manufacturers of modules, boards, instruments and systems to detect and eliminate EMC problems early in development. The receiver measures conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI). The preselection option protects the frontend against overloading and delivers reproducible measurement results. No other precompliance measuring instrument on the market offers this advantage. As a result, certification in EMC test labs no longer results in unpleasant surprises.  
The fast time domain scan mode significantly reduces measurement times. This makes the R&S ESRP ideal for testing DUTs with function-specific short operating times in the automotive and lighting industries, such as starters and window lifters or fluorescent lamps in the warm-up phase. In addition, the R&S ESRP is a full-featured spectrum analyzer that offers many other useful functions that allow users to better identify disturbances. The spectrogram function displays and records the analyzed spectrum versus time. The field-tested IF analysis function displays the spectrum around disturbance signals.   
The R&S ESRP is operated by a touchscreen and has clearly structured measurement modes. Users can switch between modes by simply pressing a button and easily configure complex measurements and automated test sequences right from the touchscreen. The R&S ESRP can remotely control simple automatic tests with the help of the R&S ES SCAN EMI software, which reliably records, evaluates and documents data. The R&S EMC32 application software for automated test routines, including report generation, can be used to integrate the receiver into large-scale EMC systems with additional components such as mast, turntable and absorbing clamp/slideway systems and for the remote control of these components. The R&S ESRP can even be operated in environments without any AC supply because it also runs on DC power, making it suitable for mobile use in vehicles or battery operation during open area testing.

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