Hexane-free flux remover at Southern Manufacturing

12 February 2013

Electrolube will debut a new hexane-free flux remover at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition on stand L38.

The company will also display new Thermal Management products with high thermal conductivity, Silicone Resins for LED applications and eco-friendly Service and Maintenance aids.

The Hexane Free Flux Remover, HFFR, is a fast-drying cleaning solvent that eliminates the use of the hazardous material n-Hexane, which has been identified as hazardous to human health with long term exposure affecting the peripheral nervous system.  Flux removers commonly consist of a blend of solvents, which can contain low levels of n-hexane, a solvent that HFFR has been carefully formulated to eliminate low levels of n-Hexane, providing efficient removal of a wide range of flux residues from PCBs to leave a perfectly clean, dry surface with no residue.

The non-silicone Thermal Management product, HTCX, (Heat Transfer Compound Xtra), will also feature at the show and has been developed using one of Electrolube’s proprietary technologies to provide a number of benefits such as high thermal conductivity, reduced oil bleed and reduced evaporation weight loss. HTCX is also highly resistant to humidity and thermal cycling and is recommended where efficient and reliable thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components is required, and between any surface where thermal conductivity and heat dissipation is important.

Electrolube’s EADH Air Duster and FREH Freezer Sprays are two of the latest advances within Electrolube’s range of Maintenance and service aid products. With impressive green credentials and performance, EADH and FREH feature the most advanced propellant technology, capable of reducing equivalent CO2 emissions by 99.5% without compromising performance. The new propellant used in EADH and FREH is exempt from a number of carbon taxes imposed on HFC products, depending on the Member State, however the use of EADH and FREH represents, on average, an 11% price reduction over standard products when factoring in the carbon taxes.

Electrolube’s best selling range of silicone products will also be exhibited at the show. The optically clear and flexible two-part resin, SC3001, has been developed specifically for LED applications and offers the highest protection from water, chemicals and a range of harsh environments. SC3001 provides low viscosity, excellent electrical properties and high flexibility. Products within the SC range include the SC2001 general potting and encapsulating resin, the fast cure option SC2001FD and thixotropic compound with high thermal conductivity, SC2003. These silicone resin products enable high continuous operating temperatures and provide an excellent barrier against a number of extreme conditions.

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