Fan speed controller can be customised for OEMs

31 January 2013

Small and medium sized single-phase fans can be controlled by the MMC miniature controller from DeltaSense.

With 4A, 6A and 8A versions, the units are available open framed for DIN rail mounting or in a custom housing.

The 'plug and play' devices are supplied as standard with a 0-10 V input signal controlling the fan speed from 0 to 100%, but they can be customised to operate with a 2-10 V input and an 'off' feature below 2 V. This allows the fan to be switched off at low speeds, reducing power consumption and helping to prolong the life of the motor.

The triac based controller has a 10 V supply on board, allowing simple control from an attached potentiometer. Maximum and minimum speeds can be set from internal trimmer potentiometers.

"Our programming service enables OEM customers to have the specifications they need," said David Hardy, managing director at DeltaSense.

The units are supplied with standard software, but this can be programmed for scaling the input, boost functions, ramp functions or other input schemes. An on/off system can also be added.

The fuse protected controllers are mounted on a 2 mm aluminium plate for easy mounting, or they can be fitted to a custom backplane, metal plate etc for improved cooling in higher temperature environments.

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