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Calex bi-directional DC/DC converter for automotive applications

17 April 2019


Relec Electronics recently introduced a bi-directional DC/DC converter, 48S14.250BC, for hybrid automotive applications, providing complete control of in-vehicle power distribution between 12V & 48V batteries, with alternative voltages available on request.

The bi-directional 48S14.250BC has the ability to charge a low side (12V) battery during normal operation (buck mode) and can also charge or assist the high voltage (48V) battery in emergency situations (boost mode). The converter operates more as an ideal current source with variable direction, thus allowing energy transfer between two voltage domains.

Supervision of the 48S14.250BC is via an industry standard CAN interface, providing control of output voltages, currents (and direction) and protection circuits as well as monitoring of temperature and other vital parameters. A high speed CAN-Transceiver (TLE7251VSJ) is employed for communication between the CAN interface and the integral microcontroller. The converter requires both voltages to be present, the high side and low side voltages must be inside the specified range, in order to operate.

The converter has default limits (minimum and maximum) for current and voltage set points as well as for undervoltage, overvoltage and overtemperature thresholds. The threshold for all protection features is programmed via the CAN interface, but must be within set limits. The converter will shut down and latch if the set points (voltage and current) and thresholds are outside of the default limits.

State of the art synchronous rectification technology, along with optimised thermal and mechanical design techniques, delivers industry leading efficiency and power density. Diode emulation mode prevents the generation of negative currents and also provides for improved efficiencies at light loads.

48S14.250BC block diagram

The 48S14.250BC comes in a low profile 240 x 136.4 x 18.5mm mechanically enclosed package weighing only 1.31kg. The packaging makes the converter ideal for rugged environments and can be simply integrated with the battery packs via 4 x M8 studs. The 48S14.250BC is the industry’s smallest and thinnest profile making it possible to integrate the converter into the battery pack, eliminating all issues associated with cabling in the vehicle.

Relec Electronics was set up in 1978 with the main objective of supplying specialist products and services to the professional communications, industrial and transportation markets. The company offers highly specialised power generation products, supported by a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers to ensure that the high and demanding expectations of the customer can be met.

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