aiDrive2 introduces modular approach to automated driving at CES 2019

04 January 2019

Stationary AImotive prototypes

AImotive encourages cooperation in the self-driving industry by providing a modular solution to the challenges of autonomy.

AImotive, an autonomous driving technology service provider, today announced the next generation of its AI-powered self-driving full-stack software, aiDrive 2. Through its highly modular design, aiDrive2 aims to serve as a platform for deeper collaboration in an industry dominated by proprietary ‘walled garden’ approaches.

aiDrive2’s modular design will open the door to a wide range of implementations, reducing the time-to-market of automated driving solutions. Automotive OEMs, Tier1s and Robotaxi companies will have the ability to integrate only selected modules into a best-in-class solution - or rely on aiDrive2 to deploy full automated driving solutions. Compatible with a wide range of different sensor types and hardware platforms, aiDrive2’s flexibility allows for a wide range of possible collaborations. The software stack offers a platform for both ADAS functionalities and L4 autonomy in an autonomous driving industry racing to reduce the time-to-market of automated driving solutions available to the public.

“AImotive has always supported industry collaboration and standardisation. These will be vital in securing consumer trust in autonomous driving technologies,” said Laszlo Kishonti, AImotive CEO. “By creating aiDrive2, AImotive hopes to provide an easily accessible platform to support our partners in achieving their autonomous goals.”

The aiDrive software stack handles all tasks associated with self-driving from perception to control. The solution relies on advanced artificial intelligence in perception and motion planning to ensure a higher degree of safety in operation. To ensure safety AI is augmented with classical, verifiable planning algorithms. aiDrive is compatible with a wide range of sensor types to ensure redundancy and a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s environment. Building on these various input types, aiDrive2 also utilises high- and low-level sensor fusion for robust model space creation.

aiDrive2 offers the complete functionality of the previous generation of aiDrive but has been highly optimised for embedded automotive hardware platforms. These optimisations allow for the deployment of aiDrive-based self-driving systems in production vehicles, without compromising on the safety of the system.

AImotive is currently working on the advancement of autonomous vehicle technologies with partners such as Groupe PSA, Samsung and SAIC. aiDrive2 will be available for licensing from Q1 2019. Interested parties can see the system in action in AImotive’s booth at CES 2019: Tech East North Hall, #7538.

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