GaN Systems to showcase GaN-powered innovative products at CES 2019

17 December 2018

SkyCurrent III dual-mode wireless charging solution [PowerSphyr]

See how GaN-based power systems are transforming wireless charging, electric and autonomous vehicles, and consumer products.

GaN Systems, a global leader in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, invites visitors at CES 2019 to see the latest GaN-powered breakthroughs from game-changing companies that are transforming today’s and future automobiles, energy storage systems, wireless charging solutions, and consumer electronics.

The rollout of new electronics and data-intensive technologies increasingly demands significant amounts of power. At the center of 2019 trends is the undeniable need for new ways of thinking about and addressing the power needs of the diverse technology that surrounds us. As we evolve globally, power cannot be taken for granted and simply viewed as an endless resource that comes out of a plug in a wall.

GaN Systems is providing technology for new power system design approaches. Using GaN power semiconductors will usher in entirely new energy efficient systems and products capable of transforming the future, such as bringing about lighter and longer range electric cars, better navigation and sensing in autonomous vehicles, devices without power cords, and more affordable and improved energy storage systems.

GaN semiconductors as a building block for these systems is enabling the creation of new energy efficient systems, and products capable of transforming the future that are 4x smaller, 4x lighter and exhibit 4x less energy loss.

GaN Systems’ power semiconductors are used in products across a wide range of applications. Visit GaN Systems and its customers and partners: Eggtronic (LVCC, South Hall 4 – 36325), Osram (Booth 8521) and PowerSphyr (Booth 2107) at CES 2019. GaN Systems will be showing additional products in its suite. Demonstrations include:

  • 4-channel, high power LiDAR system
  • Power supplies with 150% output power and no increase in size
  • Multi-device wireless power charging
  • Free-positioning capacitive wireless TV and laptops
  • A portable energy storage and generation system


GaN Systems - Jim Witham, CEO:
“We’re excited to see the growing number of GaN-powered devices and technologies that will be showcased at CES 2019 from our customers and partners. GaN technology is becoming the standard building block for product innovation by enabling new power system design approaches that meet size, power, efficiency and system cost requirements.”

Eggtronic - Enrico Dente, CTO & CIO:
“Power is a critical element in any consumer or B2B electronic product design. Using GaN power transistors as a basis for power systems opens the door for improving and creating new opportunities, such as smaller power adapters to efficient high power wireless charging. You’ll see these types of innovations in many of our product demonstrations that we’ll be showcasing at our booth.”

Osram - Rajeev Thakur, Senior Marketing Manager at Osram Opto Semiconductors:
“Osram enables LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles by not only developing high power, multi-channel SMT lasers that meet automotive quality standards, but also working with ecosystem partners like GaN Systems to address the technological barriers that arise. Our lasers are leading the way to making autonomous driving a reality for everyone.”

PowerSphyr - Neil Ganz, CEO & Chairman:
“GaN Systems is a critical partner in our ability to deliver our SkyCurrent III dual-mode wireless charging solution at CES. GaN Systems is also a critical component across our entire suite of wireless charging solutions allowing us to remove limitations of distance and wirelessly charge power hungry devices up to 500 W.”

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