Paper-to-digital conversion software milestone: Industry 4.0 experts partner up

31 October 2018

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Intoware, creators of WorkfloPlus – software that converts paper-based industry processes into digital work instructions – have announced their partnership with Librestream Technologies, behind the industrial enterprise-friendly Remote Expert platform.

Despite the growing adoption of technologies by businesses that enhance productivity (often under the banner of ‘Industry 4.0’, of course) many industries continue to rely on work processes that create mountains of paper. According to research by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, companies are expected to invest $907 Billion per year by 2020 in digitising their businesses.

As part of their agreement, Librestream will include Intoware’s WorkfloPlus work instruction software within its Onsight platform. Meanwhile, Intoware will add Librestream’s world-leading Onsight Connect software to its own product portfolio, launching as WorkfloPlus Remote Expert.

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert software delivers a fully collaborative environment that allows teams to troubleshoot, assess, and rapidly resolve issues in the field, by bringing in virtual experts via a live video link. Remote Expert works across a full range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, computers and smart glasses.

By using both Remote Expert and WorkfloPlus’s digital work instruction platform, workers in the field can harness the knowledge and expertise of colleagues at the touch of a button. Workers can share audio and video, circling and marking areas that need attention, adjusting lighting, and recording or capturing still images to develop a lasting knowledge base.

Back at HQ, meanwhile, the wider team can rapidly diagnose, inspect, and resolve issues. The software is designed to perform in ultra-low bandwidth situations, such as offshore installations, remote locations with poor cellular coverage – or even from basements and sites where it can otherwise be hard to connect.

Said James Woodall, CTO and founder of Intoware: “Librestream has shown itself as a real trailblazer with its Onsight platform. Collaborating with them to expand our reach into new territories and adding its Connect solution to our own WorkfloPlus suite is a significant step for Intoware, and should result in even better products for our customers.”

To quote Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream, moreover: “Our customers have asked for an integrated platform that includes access to remote guidance, digital work instructions, and augmented content management.

“We selected Intoware after an extensive market analysis and product review process. This capability is in high demand by our customers and we are actively working with them to add Onsight Flow to their digital ecosystems.”

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