200 nano-satellites to serve the world's unconnected population

30 October 2018

Sky and Space Global have completed the Critical Design Review of the Pearls satellite, which now allows the company to immediately proceed with assembly and integration of the nano-satellite network.

The Critical Design Review (CDR) process was undertaken by global aerospace construction partner GomSpace: a Europe-based, Nasdaq-listed contractor, who specialise in the construction and testing of bespoke nano-satellites.

Sky and Space (SAS) Global will deploy a constellation of 200 highly sophisticated nano-satellites over the equatorial belt. The network of nano-satellites will provide around-the-clock affordable voice, data, instant messaging, machine-to-machine and IoT communications – enabling SAS to implement its vision: to provide communication services to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

SAS services will also bring to the equatorial region a huge range of life-saving and other emergency services, including search and rescue, disaster management, emergency response, security alarms and recreational tracking. This is in addition to many other services including smartphone applications, offshore communications, smart farming, interactive TV, airplane, vessel and animal tracking, water and electric metering, grid monitoring and ATM.

“We have successfully completed the CDR with GomSpace, reaching another milestone and remaining on-track for next year’s planned launch,” says Meir Moalem, co-founder, managing director and CEO at SAS. He added that the positive results from the CDR validate the company’s technology, which supports its strategy aimed at achieving the goal of providing connectivity to remote geographical locations.

The CDR process assesses all technical components, including schedule, overall design, altitude control performance and system budgets (mass, power and link) – to ensure each part is of the highest quality and meets the required standard to progress to the construction phase.

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The review concluded that the design presented by GomSpace to SAS complies with the requirements, and the Pearls can now progress to assembly and integration: this will also be undertaken by GomSpace. Assembly, and integration is scheduled to commence immediately. Construction of the first batch of Pearls is expected to be completed on-time for the planned launch.

Once construction and integration are complete, the nano-satellites will then pass through additional technical assessments and testing, including a final acceptance test before launch. This represents an important milestone for SAS and signifies the next step in implementing its business model for providing reliable and affordable connectivity services to individuals and businesses in remote locations.

For more information, see the below footnote and visit Sky and Space Global’s website: www.skyandspace.global.

Footnote: More information on Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global Ltd is an ASX listed satellite company with European and Israeli centres of Aerospace, Satellite and Software Industry Experts. The Company’s core business is to operate a communications infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology and develop highly sophisticated software systems that will deploy, maintain orbit control and handle the communication network in space to provide a global coverage.

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