Premier Farnell introduce Purrmetrix data logging sensors and gateways

25 September 2018

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Premier Farnell has added a new entry to its line card for data logging sensors – Purrmetrix – which brings an entirely new approach to data loggers: unlike other such products, it needs no user to collect or download data from the sensors, and the data is transmitted live to the Purrmetrix web service.

The range of data logging sensors and sensor gateways allow users to measure, log and analyse a range of environmental variables: these include temperature, humidity, CO2 and occupancy, making it possible to quickly build a deep understanding of the conditions that affect anything from a greenhouse to a housing estate.

The flexible and low-cost sensors and gateways are also suitable for a broad range of industries, such as facilities management, energy management, data centres, social housing and agriculture.

Purrmetrix allows up to 200 small, lightweight sensors to connect wirelessly to the Purrmetrix gateway, which sends data in real time to the Purrmetrix servers. The system is both flexible, allowing users to position sensors exactly where they are needed; and quick and easy to set up, enabling users to go from opening a box of sensors – to obtaining the relevant information within half an hour.

A comprehensive array of analytical templates, including heat maps and waterfalls, allow users to see the information graphically, in real time or to replay conditions over any chosen timescale. Plus, the low-power sensors have a battery life of approximately 3 years. 

From Premier Farnell introduce Purrmetrix's data logging sensors and gateways

As data is delivered in real time, it can be used for constant and consistent monitoring, reporting, recording, analysis, and action. Data can also be linked to email alerts or exported from the system via an API to other cloud-based services, like BMS, CAFM, task managers, or any other IoT platform.

Key benefits of the Purrmetrix system include the following:

· Extremely rapid to install and configure

· Wireless, allowing sensors to be located exactly where they are needed

· Environmental data accurately, positioned into the plan or model of buildings

· Alerts and analysis available on many types of live environmental data

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· API integrates analysis into task management software or building service controls

· Competitive cost vs data logger products

Said Simon Meadmore, global head of semiconductors for Premier Farnell and Farnell element14: “The cost advantages and ease of installation of [the] Purrmetrix data logging system mean multiple data points can be used to give enhanced information for decision making, quickly and without previous experience.

“Purrmetrix will change the way environmental data is collected, viewed and used – putting the power of accurate data directly in the hands of the end user.” 

Purrmetrix’s range of sensors and gateways is available from Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in APAC.

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