Industry’s first IP54 plug-and-play IIoT development kit

07 August 2018

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RS Components has launched a highly sustainable IIoT development kit for the HARTING Modular Industry Computing Architecture edge computer: one which offers an almost instant means to acquire industrial sensor data.

The HARTING MICA CISS (Connected Industrial Sensor Solution) IIoT kit is a simple plug-and-play system that enables fast digital condition monitoring of multiple sensor inputs from machinery. As the first plug-and-play IIoT development kit to offer IP54 protection, it is suitable for long term use in factory automation environments, as well as for prototyping and evaluation.

Condition monitoring, using physical measurements such as temperature and vibration, is an efficient way to constantly monitor and improve the operation of machinery and plants. Changes in machine behaviour can be identified quickly and appropriate action taken. However, it can be expensive to integrate suitable monitoring equipment into existing industrial systems.

The MICA CISS IIoT kit – between the HARTING Technology Group and Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions – integrates a Bosch CISS multiple sensor unit with a MICA edge computer. Firing up the software requires only a few simple steps, meaning that sensor data is acquired almost immediately.

The compact, IP54-rated CISS sensor unit can be attached to any surface and can measure up to eight physical parameters: temperature; humidity; vibration; change of position; pressure; light; magnetic field; and acoustics.

The HARTING MICA Connected Industrial Sensor Solution IIoT kit

The robust, IP67-rated MICA computer can be installed right next to machinery, without the need for a control cabinet. MICA connects to the sensor unit and local network via industry standard connectors.

Sensor data is displayed in MQTT format via the integrated browser-based Node-Red dashboard, and such data can be analysed and stored in any IT system or IoT platform. A Microsoft Azure Cloud gateway is preinstalled and configured using NodeRed.

RS offers several ways to power the MICA CISS IIoT kit, depending on the operating environment (see below link for more information).

The HARTING MICA CISS IIoT kit is shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions: visit for more information.

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