MIPI DSI range features outstanding readability and projected capacitive touch

01 August 2018

Densitron's MIPI display serial interface

Densitron has launched a set of new MIPI display serial interface (MIPI DSI) displays for a wide variety of applications, ranging from security, broadcasting, telecom and process control systems to smart meters.

The move reflects the growing demands for the same premium quality, high resolution graphical display technology used for personal mobile devices to be tailored for use in industrial applications.

Available in three sizes – 4", 4.3" and 5" – Densitron’s MIPI DSI displays feature high colour saturation, outstanding readability at all viewing angles and projected capacitive touch (PCT) & optical bonding options. There is also the possibility of adding haptic feedback technology to provide the sensation of touch when a user makes contact, plus lens customisation for all of these options.

While the displays enable low power, low electromagnetic interference (EMI), they also permit high performance applications that enable the interconnection of other components (such as cameras).

“Densitron believes MIPI DSI will become the next generation standard for display technology,” says Luo Luo, Densitron global product manager at TFT.

“Traditional interfaces won’t support the advanced display technologies now demanded by consumers. Using extra data channels and increasing transmission speed to host the higher resolution is already increasing EMI susceptibility and radiation. MIPI addresses these shortcomings, enabling content-rich display technology without the huge strain on interface connections.”

Using a reduced number of wires and operating at a lower power consumption to conserve battery life, the MIPI DSI interface is capable of handling very fast speed signals for driving ultra-high resolution, premium performance displays – from HD to FHD and beyond. With its simplified pin count, it benefits from a significant reduction in electrical noise and, therefore, limited EMI susceptibility.

This new MIPI DSI range is fully supported by Densitron’s new Aurora SBX, which acts as a driving platform. Providing a ready-to-go development platform to create a variety of feature-rich, high-end, modern GUI applications, this plug and play solution offers a head start in development and the power and functionality to drive a fully operational HMI – for a range of industrial applications.

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