Programmer-independent AOI: ISO-Spector M1A inline full 3D AOI

16 May 2018

Credit: Marantz Electronics/

Introducing the new full 3D AOI system that features the industry’s highest hardware specifications and a highly fast, AI-focused automatic programming method – while achieving production-ready inspection results.

The ISO-Spector M1A, from Mek (or Marantz-Electronics), has a massive field of view of 69 x 69mm (2.72" x 2.72") and the industry’s largest 25-megapixel camera with advanced lens optics. Multiple Moiré fringe projections enable high precision, shadow-free measurement of heights up to 25mm as well as 4 fully programmable side view high-res cameras – able to actively inspect J- leads and other devices that are invisible to top side imagers.

The programming of the ISO-Spector M1A is user-friendly and programmer-independent. The artificial intelligence reduces the human element involved in the programming – meaning that the inspection results are the same, whether programmed by a beginner or by an expert.

The AI learns the production process values of assembled and reflowed PCBs and then recognises defects based on hundreds of preset parameters. This is particularly significant in the inspection of solder joints, which are typically the most difficult and time consuming to program in AOIs.

The large field of view, combined with an industrial grade computer, ensure short cycle times even when fully utilised, including foreign material detection across the complete printed circuit board area.

Offline programming is also possible, moreover: the ISO-Spector integrates fully with Industry 4.0 specifications via the FIBER system for classification, repair, traceability and SPC.
For further device specifications and a list of related articles, visit this link from Marantz-Electronics.

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