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3D printing – with a precision previously unheard of

26 September 2017

The DM P2500 3D printer | Credit: Digital Metal

Digital Metal begins commercial production of its 3D metal binder jet printers, offering unprecedented detail, surface resolution and design possibilities for small components.

Digital Metal have announced it has initiated commercial production of the industry’s first high precision binder jetting 3D metal printer that can produce smaller and more intricate components than any previous technology.

The 3D printer, the DM P2500, is ideal for serial production and customised parts, opening up the possibility to print what was once impossible.

The DM P2500 consistently prints in 42 µm layers at 100 cc/hr without the need for any support structures. It has 2500 cm3 print volume available. This makes it possible to manufacture small objects in high quantities (up to 50,000 parts in one print run), comprising shapes, geometries and internal and external finishes never before achieved. The DM P2500 delivers a resolution of 35 µm and an average surface roughness of Ra 6 µm before additional finishing processes are applied.

For the first time, complex architectures with medical-grade smoothness are possible on a small scale, as well as moving parts within other objects, and a gradient of holes in a single print.

The process is also adaptable for a variety of materials because the heat treatment (sintering) happens after printing. Powder removed before sintering is reused for subsequent jobs, making it the most sustainable additive manufacturing (AM) technology available today. This results in high yield and low scrap rates, meaning downtime is kept to a minimum, and there is no degeneration of the powder that other AM processes are prone to.

For more information, visit this link from Digital Metal.

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