LED strips beautify Color Line cruise ships

11 September 2017

Color Line cruise ships are beautified by LED strips | Credit: Glamox

Lighting specialist Glamox has helped glamorise two Color Line cruise ships, Color Fantasy and Color Magic, by supplying environmentally-friendly AL45 LED strip lighting, installed in the upper deck railings.

Color Line recently completed an upgrade of the two ships, which included the installation of more than 1,150 metres of AL45 LED strips from Glamox in the upper deck railings of the two vessels. The new LED strips provide a continuous line of light under the railings of the promenade deck, creating a warm, inviting and exclusive atmosphere for passengers. Particularly when viewing the ships from a distance, this decorative and effective light adds to the luxury to the ships’ designs. In addition, changing to the AL45 also represents an environmentally-friendly (i.e. reduced energy consumption) upgrade to LED lighting.

“We chose the AL45 LED strips because they have a high Ingress Protection [IP] class, which implies that they are well suited for the waters and climate that we operate in,” says superintendent Per Gunnar Strand at Color Line. According to Strand, aesthetic qualities were also important when choosing a new lighting product.

Approved for marine use

AL45 LED strips from Glamox are specially designed and approved for use in marine applications. Protected to IP68 means the lighting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. AL45 LED strips can be used as lighting for ship canopy rails, step lighting, shop lighting or for decorative colour lighting indoors and outdoors.

The LED strips are protected to IP68 and are installed around the upper deck railings, adding a touch of glamour to the ships | Credit: Glamox

AL45 LED strips are available in different lengths, colours and light intensity, allowing decorative illumination of various shapes across a wide range of marine applications. AL45 is flexible, providing made-to-measure LED strips for harsh applications.

In its clear version, AL45 LED strips make impressive lighting scenarios possible. It can be fitted quickly and easily with individual mounting options and is designed for impressive lighting scenes for decorative purposes and ambient lighting.

The coloured version of AL45 offers a wide selection of colours to suit the application, giving flexibility in design, which is essential in creating lighting scenarios for several areas onboard a vessel – for both indoor and outdoor applications. (AL45 LED strips can also be installed into ceilings, walls, floors, steps, shops and canopy rails.)

For more information on the AL45 range of LED strips, visit glamox.com/gmo.

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