Award-winning LED technology can reduce the cost of downlights by over 50%

22 August 2017

Orion LED from Plessey Semiconductors

Product Innovation Award-winning Orion LED modules from Plessey deliver over 3,000 lumens from a unit just 5.6mm thick – with no secondary optics needed.

Launched in September 2016 and targeted at directional lighting applications such as retail, track and architectural lighting, Orion LEDs deliver a powerful, compact and affordable replacement for chip-on-board LEDs for designers of directional luminaires.

The technology can reduce the cost of a typical downlight by more than half. The small footprint and directional light emission of GaN-on-silicon LEDs employed in Orion enables Plessey to create its Stellar miniature optics, which feature beam-forming technology.

By integrating Plessey’s LEDs and optics into a tiny module, Orion delivers over 3,000 lumens from a 5.6mm thick unit. There are no secondary optics needed, and the compact form factor gives a high creative scope to designers of architectural and industrial lighting installations.

The Product Innovation Award judging panel consists of professionals working in lighting design and manufacturing along with industry analysts. The judges rewarded Orion LED modules due to their compact form and high thermal performance that enable slimmer heatsinks.

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