Light up, LEDs: 19 out of 20 people unaware of halogen bulb ban

14 August 2017

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Low efficiency halogen bulbs are expected to be banned from September 2018, and Electrical Direct are urging electrical contractors to increase awareness of the fact.

Halogen bulbs are expected to be banned from September 2018, and studies have shown that only 1 in 20 people are aware that the ban is coming.

While the key consideration for switching to LEDs may be the environmental impact, there are also major cost saving benefits to think of. Although they initially cost more to buy, LEDs are by far the cheapest lighting solution, using significantly less energy to emit comparable levels of light to a conventional incandescent lamp. They also last for a very long time with a typical life span of around five to eleven years, generating a considerable cost saving over time on replacement lamps.

The energy saved by LEDs can also save money as it can mean customers reduce their energy bills by 90% and will see a return on their upfront bulb investment in just two years.

Electrical Direct is urging electrical contractors to be aware of the facts so that they can inform their customers as the ban approaches, to ensure they are prepared and ready for the switchover. As Electrical Direct's managing director, Wayne Lysaght-Mason, states: “We’re urging our customers, the electrical contractors of the UK, to inform their clients of the benefits of LEDs now, so they are ready when the ban comes into place.

“Many consumers might be reluctant to make the upfront payment to switch their homes to LED, especially as halogen bulbs are still considerably cheaper to buy in the shops at the moment, but all electricians need to do is to let their customers know that they will be much better off in the long run once they have made the change.”

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