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EL displays are still an option for harsh environments and new custom units can be transparent

25 July 2017

El Displays are rugged and known for a very wide survival temperature range of –60°C to +105°C, and yet still manage a fast and stable performance.

The luminance, viewing angle is > 179°C, response time is > 1ms, and regardless of the environment temperature, the contrast remains the same.

Standard units are available in various sizes and new custom units can be transparent. Both types are available now from RDS.

Standard TFEL Thin Film Electroluminescent Displays.

Produced by Lumineq, the TFEL panels are temperature, vibration resistant and are available with either an SPI or LVDS interface. The SPI Interface allows several Lumineq displays to be driven with one master controller thus lowering the total cost for the complete display solution. An LVDS interface adds the ability to use grey shading and a built-in display frame memory for improved luminance and frame rates.

Available in resolutions of 160x120 to 640x480 pixels with high bright options.

Transparent solutions, TASEL Transparent Thin Film

The latest development from Lumineq is the transparent EL displays. These can be customised in a couple of ways. Either a stand-alone transparent display or laminate the transparent display into any glass application.

These custom made transparent displays improve environments where information needs to be transmitted without cluttering up the interior of a structure with dials, signals and meters etc.  All information can be contained on the laminated displays which could be windows or mirrors. These displays are crystal clear, even when the vehicle or environment is vibrating and is particularly suitable for custom head-up displays. When driving vehicles, you can keep your attention and eyes on the road but still receive critical information from the transparent display.

For more information talk to RDS about these Lumineq Displays and the Lamination Production Packages available on 01959 563345.

For more information about these displays call RDS on 01959 562772 or visit www.review-displays.co.uk.

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