Transducerised, programmable screwdriver

11 July 2017

Nano Driver

This transducerised electric screwdriver meets modern industrial assembly requirements where high precision, low torque and traceability are key.

Named the Nano Driver, the device offers safety critical repeatability due to its internal transducer, which measures and controls the torque and allows this production data to be recorded. The screwdriver is also compatible with most industry standard communications protocols such as Fieldbus, Profinet and Modbus.

This means that information from the product can be integrated seamlessly into existing data capture regimes to ensure that production parameters are fully traceable. The tool is also programmable, enabling the user to switch easily between different fastening strategies using a CVIXS controller and standard Desoutter software.

Capable of delivering torque between 6cNm (0.53in/lb) and 80cNm (7.08in/lb) (depending on the choice of model), the Nano Driver is equipped with an innovative seating detection function which ensures that each fastener is applied perfectly, without causing damage to the host material. This is a particularly useful feature when working with delicate or brittle materials.

A further innovation is the tool’s programmable vacuum system with an integral accelerometer, which offers a choice of short (40mm) or long (60mm) blank nozzles. In combination with the tool’s 4mm wing shank and half-moon bits, the integral vacuum system means that the Nano Driver can deal with the smallest of screws in the tightest of spaces.

Desoutter’s new electric screwdriver has been ergonomically designed with a non-slip housing and simple push lever start. Equipped with an M20 output thread, the Nano Driver is equally suited to manual operation or integration into an automated process via a robot arm.

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