Smart industry vending machine takes stock

14 June 2017

This smart automatic vending machine automatically tracks its stock output and even carries out restocking orders.

The machine registers who is allowed to receive a measuring device and when it must be calibrated. It also logs the number of times when a milling cutter was taken out and knows when the stock is running out.

Moreover, electromechanically-locked metal covers allow access only to the authorised people identified by an ID card or a PIN code. Valuable equipment is securely stored in separate drawer partitions.

When the minimum stock level is reached, the system independently places a restocking order, notifies the accounting department about the upcoming cost and sends the delivery service a bar code to assign the replacement item accurately, with minimum processing steps to the correct storage drawer.

For more information about Bedrunka & Hurth’s Tool Server Modular, visit this link.

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