German distribution finishes 2016 in growth mode

09 March 2017

The German component distribution market has closed a rather inconsistent 2016 with a tiny plus in the fourth quarter.

The turn-over of the FBDi member companies in Germany increased by 0.2%to 753 million Euros. Incoming orders increased by 9% to 854 million Euros, which resulted in a very healthy book-to-bill ratio of 1.13. The full year ended with sales of 3.21 billion (plus 2.3%).

Broken down by technology, semiconductors performed slightly better than average – with a plus of 2.6% to 532 million Euros in the fourth quarter, and a total increase in the full-year of 3.45% to 2.26 billion Euros. Passive components dropped by 5.3% to 103 million Euros in Q4/16 (2016: minus 0.2% to 443 million Euros). Electromechanics experienced a decline of 4% to 68 million Euros (2016: minus 1.6% to 299 million Euros). Smaller product areas like displays and sensors showed significant quarterly swings, both have dropped in a year-to-year comparison. In contrast, the turn-over of power supplies grew by 11.5% to 85 million Euros, compared to 2015.

For the full-year 2016 the sales breakdown of distribution turn-over shows as follows: semiconductors 70.3%, passive components 13.8%, electromechanics 9.3%, displays 3%, sensors 0.6%, power supplies 2.6%.

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