pi-topCEED, the Raspberry Pi laptop

10 November 2015

The pi-topCEED is a Raspberry Pi desktop, helping users to learn about software, hardware and how to become a real maker.

pi-topCEED is shipped with a revolutionary learning platform to expand your computer science knowledge. The multiplayer game takes you through a world of fantasy grounded in computing reality. 

pi-topCEED enables you to:

• Learn how to code
• Build hardware (IoT devices, robots, controllers and much more)
• 3D print your own creations

The pi-topCEED is a platform for a whole host of maker projects: 

• An all-in-one £65.55 Raspberry Pi desktop 
• Plug and Play - no assembly required
• 13.3 inch HD LCD screen
• Multiple viewing / resting positions including wall mount functionality
• Practical and functional design with forward facing access to the Raspberry Pi
• Compatible with any USB keyboard / mouse (not included)
• Works with all Raspberry Pi models and most other single board computers 
• Designed for ages 6+

What can you make with pi-topCEED?

• learn to prototype hardware products including IoT devices and robotics
• learn in game coding techniques
• learn how to 3D print
• build real circuit boards
• build weather stations, radios, websites and more
• or even complete homework

pi-topCEED OS features:

• GCSE driven MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for learning to code and build hardware
• Simple User Interface similar to most icon based platforms
• Easy to update the pi-topOS (which is a flavour of Raspbian), simply click update - no need to remove microSD ever
• Full access to the internet via Chromium Browser
• Connect to Wi-Fi in seconds
• Easily customise your desktop
• 3D Slash software for click ‘n’ create 3D printing.

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