BGA reballer kit

08 October 2010

STI Electronics' BGA Reballer Kit

STI Electronics provides training, electronic and industrial distribution, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small to medium-volume PCB assembly, but it has just revealed that its BGA Reballer Kit allows components to be re-used.

The reballing system enables users to remove existing spheres from components and re-establish the spheres on the BGA component.

STI’s BGA Reballer Kit includes the reballer fixture, 10,000 spheres, flux, tweezers and a brush.

The reballer can be used in six steps:
1. Using a soldering iron, remove the excess solder and spheres
2. Apply the flux
3. Insert the component into the reballer fixture
4. Pour in the spheres from the kit
5. Drain off the extra spheres
6. Heat the fixture and component to attach the spheres (profile suggestions included)

Each reballer is designed to fit a BGA package, ensuring that the spheres are placed correctly each time. The reballer is also available for chip scale and flash memory devices.

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