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26 August 2008

The EMS market grew 17.3% in 2007

The EMS market grew 17.3% in 2007, whilst the worldwide electronics assembly market grew 3.9%, according to ETP (Electronic Trend Publications).

The fifth edition of The Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Market is ETP’s research report on the CEMs and original design manufacturers that are shaping the industry.

They predict that the EMS market will continue to grow in the coming years, as the outsourcing of electronics manufacturing continues what is referred to as ‘its relentless march’. The report’s forecast of the value of worldwide electronics assembly was developed by looking at over 40 product segments. ETP estimates that total electronics assembly value was $958billion in 2007 and will grow to nearly $1.4trillion in 2012. Fuelled by this market, it is predicted that the EMS industry will grow from $261billion in 2007 to $493billion in 2012.

The report also analyses the EMS industry from several viewpoints by reviewing the total market for electronics assembly, providing a breakdown of the industry by company size, and considering the regional distribution of the EMS industry. It is said that although North America is where the industry was essentially established, Asia has now become the dominant region. There is also an analysis of the EMS industry by the key application markets that it serves.

Furthermore, ETP’s report focuses on EMS financial performance and compares companies on a variety of standard financial metrics. These are combined into a weighted ranking which gives a view of the relative performance of the companies. The report also analyses EMS mergers and acquisitions for the previous few years. The impact of M&A activity in general and on specific companies is examined, too.

The report then concludes with profiles of selected CEMs and ODMs from across the world. These reviews summarise the market focus of each company and also present financial performance statistics. It is stressed that the intent of these profiles is not to serve as a global directory, but rather as an indicator of current industry focus.

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