Californian REACH-type initiative

05 May 2008

Green Chemistry Initiative

Through its Green Chemistry Initiative, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) plans to establish a new framework for chemicals management that would have major adverse implications for all types of industries, including the electronics industry.

Green Chemistry would ban many chemicals and mandate the use of safer alternatives. Like Prop 65, Green Chemistry would require manufacturers to disclose the substances used in their products based on risk scenarios.

On 20 April 2007, CalEPA secretary Linda Adams announced that, in the face of recent attention to green chemistry and chemical management concepts by other governments and academia, the Governor was implementing the Green Chemistry Initiative. California established a public blog and has been holding stakeholder meetings to receive input on four main green chemistry topics, including:
•A framework to design less toxic products
•How the state should stimulate green chemistry
•How to design a strategy that encourages manufacturers to assume greater responsibility for products and processes that involve toxic materials
•How to develop policies to avoid toxins in products by accident.

The California Environmental Protection Agency held a public workshop to identify options to strengthen consumer protection laws as part of its Green Chemistry Initiative. Another workshop on the same topic will be held on 8 May in El Segundo, California and the recommendations are to be presented this summer in a report from Linda Adams, secretary for environmental protection, to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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