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        Powder-iron-based wireless charger transmitter

        A WPC-compliant (Wireless Power Consortium) wireless charging transmitter coil for Qi wireless charging pads is available from Vishay.

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        Putting the ‘A’ in EDA

        Renowned for its design creation, simulation and verification solutions, EDA company Aldec is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and its three-decade-long journey to date includes some highly capable responses to genuine industry needs. Moreover, with a claimed user community of more than 35,000 engineers, 50-plus global partners and an impressive product portfolio, Aldec, which remains privately-owned, is clearly doing

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        Apple and Samsung to quadruple fingerprint sensor growth

        Smartphones and tablets are predicted to drive a four-fold increase in demand in the fingerprint sensor market in the next six years.

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        The latest developments in medical sensors

        Air or gas embolisms, caused by small amounts of air entering the bloodstream and forming bubbles, can prove fatal. If air accidentally enters blood vessels through surgery, via an intravenous fluid line or during transfusion, the resulting bubbles can block blood flow, which may lead to a heart attack, stroke or thrombosis. While treatment is possible in the form of hyperbaric therapy, the unpredictable nature of air bubbles combined with the potential consequences, mean that prevention is pref


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