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        Human gaze-inspired autonomous sensing wins innovation award

        World-leading LiDAR solutions provider RoboSense have announced their being named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards honouree for their human vision-inspired sensing technology: the RoboSense Intelligent Perception LiDAR System (RS-IPLS).

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        Almost 50,000 join the Tomorrow's Engineers Week Big Assembly

        Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, now in its sixth year, has come to a close following a record-breaking week of activity – including its Big Assembly, where ~50,000 students simultaneously all took part in the same school assembly, connected by a live video stream and social media.

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        How automation is transforming medical manufacturing

        OEMs that service the healthcare and medical sector are feeling the squeeze as new technologies introduce as many new challenges as they provide opportunities and solutions. This piece considers the role of automation in manufacturing and how it is answering old problems as it creates a fresh set of challenges – particularly for those researching, developing and producing medical devices and products.

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        High-accuracy inertial smart sensor for pedestrian tracking in mobile devices

        Bosch Sensortec announces the BHI160BP, the industry’s first Position Tracking Smart Sensor that utilises integrated inertial sensors to improve GPS location tracking – with dramatic power saving capabilities over traditional location service technology.


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