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        Six-legged robot: insect-like in body and 'brain'

        A study shows new ways of driving multi-legged robots by means of a two-level controller. The proposed controller has a network of so-called non-linear oscillators – enabling the generation of diverse gaits and postures.

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        Improving farming efficiency with a 21st century gate

        Dofygate is a fast-opening, electric gate that requires no external power, available in 2-, 4- or 7-bar versions, with spans of 2 to 6 metres. Solar-powered, it can be operated from a vehicle using a fob, or via a phone app or keypad, and is self-closing. Made from carbon fibre, the gate is strong enough to resist accidental contact from livestock.

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        Made on Earth by humans: Falcon Heavy launched

        On February 6th, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket in the world – by a factor of 2.

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        Drones versus plastic pollution

        Drones have already been used extensively across a range of industries; however, this year in particular is set to be a watershed moment that will see drone technology burst into the public spotlight: the combating of plastic pollution in our oceans.


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