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        Computer program 'sees' five minutes into the future

        Researchers have developed software that can – often very accurately – predict a few minutes into the future: the program first learns the typical sequence of actions, particularly cooking, from video sequences.

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        A fresh approach for automatic transfer switches

        According to this piece, a new breed of automatic transfer switches (ATS/s) has simplified communication between the switch and its controller to save installers time and effort, as well as improve capabilities, in critical power and fire safety systems for the connected and IoT age.

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        Nine percent is not enough…

        You already know that engineering in the UK is suffering from a persistent and substantial skills gap: EngineeringUK reports that the annual shortfall of engineering graduates to meet demand is more than 20,000 – and 50,000 for engineering roles at large! And only 9% of the UK industry workforce is female, and just 6% of registered engineers and technicians – CEng, IEng, EngTech – are women…

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        ioLight receives patent approval for its foldable, portable microscope

        Smartphone-friendly microscope creator ioLight has recently been granted a patent for its standalone portable, digital and high resolution microscope. 


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