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        Obituary: Patrick Flynn, electronics industry publishing giant

        It is with a heavy heart that we at EPDT report the passing of industry giant, Patrick Flynn, on Sunday 15th October. Peter Jago, Founder and owner of IML Group, offers his sincere condolences and honours Mr Flynn's memory.

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        Latest Raspberry Pi-based laptop

        RS Components is ready to supply the latest-generation pi-top modular laptop, launched recently by the pi-top organisation – featuring enhancements to assist learning and boost usability.

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        A sensor you can swallow whole

        Researchers have built a flexible sensor that can be rolled up and swallowed – to measure the rhythmic contractions of the digestive tract, offering groundbreaking medical research.

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        Look behind you! Intelligent ADAS rear-view cameras

        With cars becoming more intelligent, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) can now offer drivers additional support – utilising more and more camera systems. The latest camera-based in-car ADAS systems monitor drivers’ fatigue and distraction levels.


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