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        The first electronic board for IoT and Industrial 4.0 solution providers

        Tech startup TOI have launched a Kickstarter campaign for 4zerobox: the first modular electronic board that is easy-to-configure and specifically designed for IoT and Industry 4.0 solution providers.

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        Waste not, want not…

        Electronics are everywhere: in our homes, our workplaces, our cars and on our person – they have become pervasive throughout our everyday lives. But while electronics manufacturers typically focus on sourcing, they tend to neglect the end stages of the production lifecycle: repair, refurbishment and recycling.

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        EPDT's November issue now available

        This month's issue contains stories on electromechanical technologies and medical applications, especially wearable patient care technology, as well as our regular Electronics Outsourcing supplement.

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        Watch BLOODHOUND's first public runs

        BLOODHOUND SSC has made its first public runs – and the first runs over 200mph – reaching a peak speed of 210mph. Watch the video here!


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