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        On Pi Day: Rock Pi vs Raspberry Pi

        On Pi Day (3/14), reichelt elektronik take a closer look at the Rock Pi, comparing it to the Raspberry Pi across development board power, connectivity and accessories – ultimately asking is Rock Pi flexible and powerful enough for makers?

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        Are smart homes actually safe?

        In 2017, online retail giant, Amazon revealed its plans to introduce a new service, Amazon Key, which uses a compatible smart lock in conjunction with Amazon’s Cloud Cam to allow delivery staff to unlock its customers’ doors and leave packages inside their homes.

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        Booming electronics sector fuels almost two-thirds of UK manufacturing growth

        The UK’s electronics sector experienced a strong rebound in 2017 & 2018, representing almost two-thirds of UK manufacturing growth in 2018. Product design for smart devices, 5G, digital medicines and export demand from Asia are all key growth opportunities.

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        High drive touch controllers unlock new options for games designers

        Appearance and UX go hand-in-hand in the design of good games, with developers constantly trying to improve both. Casinos and arcades are intense environments with lots of visual and audible stimuli, with games competing for attention. This article explains how new touch controllers are addressing this by enabling more exciting and more capable designs than ever before.


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