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        AR-based drones for hurricane relief efforts

        Augmented reality company Edgybees has been providing its AR software for drones, which are being used by first responders in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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        Bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring system

        Dialog Semiconductor announce a Bluetooth low energy TPMS sensor: an electronic subsystem for monitoring the air pressure and temperature within automobile tyres, alerting drivers of improperly-inflated tyres or other safety information in real time.

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        Vehicular 3D surround view: a system standard?

        Introducing a 3D surround view that assists drivers’ parking and low speed manoeuvres – requiring no graphics processing unit (GPU), from Renesas Electronics and Cogent Embedded Inc.

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        Concussion-scanning phone app

        Researchers are developing the first smartphone app that can objectively detect concussion and other traumatic brain injuries in the field.


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