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        Keysight millimetre-wave research lab opens at Queen’s University Belfast

        Keysight Technologies have announced the opening of a new millimetre-wave research lab in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast.

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        Green light for LEDs

        Rising population levels, climate change and competition for land use between sectors – food, fuel and animal feedstuffs – are all causing scientists to rethink how we approach agriculture at large. Horticultural lighting could be a solution to such issues.

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        Exoskeletons: wear with caution

        Researchers have tested a commercially available exoskeleton, namely a mechanical arm attached to a harness – and found that its practicality is a double-edged sword: one that comes with marked back strain.

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        HD video streaming at 10,000 times lower power

        Engineers have developed a new HD video streaming method that does not need to be plugged in: their prototype skips the power-hungry parts and has another device, like a smartphone, process the video instead.


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